About us

Here at Eco Ultrasonic, we strive to support all of our "oily" customers by offering the best and most complete line of essential oil accessories.  From diffusers, to carrying cases, to jewelry, we have the largest assortment on the market for you to chose from. 

We are passionate about essential oils!  Our founder and his family have been using essential oils for close to 10 years.  We believe in oils' immense therapeutic properties, so providing products that help people to enjoy these oils is not just a business to us.  It's our passion and a way of life. 

Our headquarters is located in Frisco, Texas.  We've been selling essential oil products for 7 years.  We've recently updated and increased our online store's product assortment, offering the most stylish, cutting edge accessories available.  All of our products are tested in house to make sure our customers will get exactly what they paid for and exactly what we described. 

Our 4 person team is focused on customer service.  Your 100% satisfaction is our main concern.  In the event you are not completely satisfied with your product, simply send us an email to support@ecodiffusers.com.  We will respond promptly, and we believe the customer is always right.

We truly hope you enjoy your shopping experience.  It means the world to us to be able to offer these premium products to our essential oil enthusiasts.  It's that passion that has made us the top online retailer of essential oil diffusers, carrying cases and jewelry.  Happy shopping!